‘The Murder Mill’

‘Shaw Mill Works’ was ran by the Shaw family for generations. Their name heavily respected by the community. However, every family has a few skeletons in the closet... theirs might just be real.

The indiscretions of the family were hidden by their charming nature and the family business of ‘Shaw Mill Works’. Within time, their good samaritan acts began to be questioned, starting with Henry Shaw. Henry was head of the Shaw household when suspicions first spread of his wife’s ‘disappearance’ and his son, Junior’s, lust for blood that is. Many townspeople began to stumble upon their own conclusions of Mrs. Shaw’s true whereabouts. Some claiming to hear odd noises near the mill at night, while others believed her in pieces. With more and more rumors of Mrs. Shaw’s disappearance, came Mr. Henry Shaw’s fear of unwanted attention towards the family secret of a malicious father-son duo. Once rumors of foul play spread about, Henry and Jr. knew to burn the mill to the ground.

To no avail, the mill’s growing flames alerted the community, but not before taking the lives of everyone within. Upon the rubble, the family’s secrets were revealed. What was originally thought to be only one foul murder, would actually be dozens.

As the authorities rummaged through the remains of the mill, they began to meet eyes’ with the remains of children who had long been thought to have gone missing or run away. Tokens of each kill hidden in plain sight, while their body’s’ long ago devoured in cannibal sacrifice. The bones that were otherwise inedible to a human, were given to the family’s pet Rottweiler, Missy. The fire was suspected to have killed all inhabitants, but the dog was found gnawing on the severed leg of Mrs. Shaw’s corpse. ~That night gave answers, but also more questions.

Over the course of 20 years, 24 children had went missing within the town. 21 of those children were found to have been eaten by the Shaw family. The autopsy’s of the Shaw’s revealed the cannibalism that was suspected of them. As well as the remnants of flesh within the oven. The truth was out. The missing children who were eaten in cult sacrifice, the mother that found out and had to be killed, and Henry and Jr. who knew their fun was over when controversy arose. The Shaw men had let the flames and smoke consume them. It seemed as if all was over.

However, upon the investigations closure, one of the officers was found dead. Decapitated with his limbs severed like Mrs. Shaw. A few others claimed to hear echoing whispers when they found the officer’s remains: “he knew too much...”. Before another life could be undoubtedly taken, the community condemned the remains of ‘Shaw Mill Works’ and banned all from entering its threshold. However, years had passed and many forgot the horror and darkness that shrouded the land... leaving way for youth to ‘look around’.

The ‘darkness’ that remained would normally take only one life, but sometimes it was fine if none were left to tell the tale of venturing off into the abandoned building of what became known as ‘The Murder Mill’. Unfortunately, not many knew the true origins of ‘The Murder Mill’.

And with that came certain death...